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Transfiguration occurs with random strokes or a balance of form born of chance and deliberate graphics. Form emerges, colours take their place, graphics are added to the canvas after careful consideration. Jean-Pierre VIEVILLE is in constant quest of balance. Balance, for the artist, is the keyword. Chance/deliberation, form/graphics, conformism/anarchy. His innermost wish is not to find that balance, but to maintain the momentum required to achieve it. To find that balance would be to end up imprisoned in a tiresome cliché. Constantly, the artist deliberates between an overload of form and an overload of graphics, too much variety and too much unity, between the desire to break out of the canvas and the need to create a commotion on its surface, hence the perpetual search made through movement, or, in other words, the deliberate momentum. Lines circulate, shades harmonise, precision stabilises and yet the eye does not grow weary. Once stimulated, questing, it finds the answer to its question, an answer supplied by emotion. Often inspired by nature's minerality, the artist's works come alive and drag the onlooker along paths of which he, himself, is yet unaware.
Nicole Meunier
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- From 1 August to 15 september - Galerie La Verrière - 8 rue du Docteur Blanchard - 30700 Uzès - Gard
- From 27 september to 5 october - Salon Florilège - Espace vigneron - 34670 - Baillargues - Hérault
- From 28 november to 23 January 2015 - La maison de l'eau - 30500 Allègre les Fumades - Gard
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